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How to know if entrepreneurship is right for you or not?

One of the most important questions I ask during interviews is: What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years from now? The answer shows what vision the candidate has for their life & career. Almost everyone replies they want to be an entrepreneur. After having interviewed hundreds of people during the last months it […]

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The journey from banking to entrepreneurship

After being in consulting for the first couple of years of my career I landed a dream job as a sales trader at an investment bank. I was 27 and I always dreamed of being at the core of the moneymaking machine of the bank. Soon I was trading multi million dollars deals and the […]

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3 Golden Tips on Leadership

I started my career with the world’s biggest corporations in consulting and banking. Personally, I’ve learned the most on leadership throughout my life as an entrepreneur. Starting alone with no staff, to growing the business with currently 350 people has been an incredible rollercoaster. One of the biggest mistakes I made is to lead by […]

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