What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny ~ Robin Sharma

In a high-growth company, decision making can rain down on leaders like a tropical storm. There is no umbrella that can protect you from it. This is why leaders always need to focus, prioritise and make decisions fast. Below are 4 points that any successful leader should focus on:

1. Vision

One of the main tasks leaders have is to translate a macro vision into micro actions Click To Tweet. It starts with the vision of the company. Where is the company going and how is the company culture aligning with that vision? This requires focus on the core. Staying aware of the bigger picture and not being distracted of “side issues”.

2. Cash

Without any fuel in the car, you will not get far. No matter how big your company is, if you don’t have cash you have a problem. Leaders should make sure that the company has a solid and steady cash flow to achieve it’s plans. They should be able to dream core indicators, review monthly cash flow statements and daily cash reports.

3. People

In line with aligning vision and the company culture is hiring the right people that support both. Building the right environment where people can grow and that will attract fresh talents to execute the vision.

 4. Learning

Leaders should always focus on equipping themselves and their teams to learning. In today’s world where the newest technology can be outdated the day after, leaders should devote time to pursuit of learning what is happening in their industry. Innovation is a continuos process and so should learning be for the all leaders and their team. Learning is a matter of survival.


Focus on what you can influence and ignore the rest. ~ Anonymous Click To Tweet

Successful leaders should focus on priorities and things they can influence. What your priorities are depends on the growth phase of the company. In early stage companies the focus could be more on growth and sales numbers, where at a more mature company the focus could be on a healthier cash position and profitability. In whatever growth stage you are, generally speaking I believe that leaders should always have the four above focus points on their radar: Vision, Cash, People and Learning.


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