One of the questions I always ask people when I interview them, is if they can describe me their lives 5 to 10 years from now. A solid 90% can’t give me a clear description on how their career looks apart from making more money, having a manager title or being married. These are all great macro goals but don’t give specific direction on someone’s journey. I have hired and worked with over 1000 millennial in the last 5 years and come to the conclusion that the majority has no clarity on direction in life and why they are doing it.

Millennial Facts

Currently 47 million Indonesian millennials represent 39% of the entire working force (128 million, source Jakarta Post 2016). Half of Indonesia’s 250 million population is aged between 18 and 34. Indonesia has one of the highest density of millennials in the world. The media calls millennials a.o. group oriented, passionate, narcissistic, entitled and “loyal job hoppers” but un-loyal employees. Not all very uplifting statements. In spite of these classifications, they represent a massive demographic that is shaping both culture and economy on a whole different scale. A lot of media sees them, despite before mentioned classifications, as the leaders of the future, but millennials are already entering management positions and influencing the direction of the market. They are the leaders of today.

New Focus

With the millennials flooding the labour force it’s essential that companies change their game and start nurturing and creating company cultures that attract the millennials. Not only attract, but also keep them. Companies can focus on 3 key points to create an inspiring culture for millennials:

  1. Focus on developing leadership

Number one reason why millennials are leaving their job is that they don’t feel their leadership skills are developed enough. This means lack of focus on leadership or the lack of proper mentorship. More than six in ten Millennials (60-70 percent) say their leadership skills are not being fully developed.

  1. Closer teams and insight in the strength & weaknesses

In 2015 (regardless of gender) only 28 percent of Millennials feel that their current organisations are making ‘full use’ of the skills they currently have to offer (source: The Deloitte 2016 Millennial Survey). This means that companies are not utilising the talents effectively because they are not putting effort in really understanding the strengths and weaknesses and placing people in the right roles.

  1. Purpose over profit
It is getting more and more important that companies are doing more than just chasing profit. What is the “Y” of the company? Millennials want to make an impact, so they want to be part of something which goes beyond the profit & loss.


There is massive opportunity for both companies and millennials. The fact of the matter is that millennials come in big numbers and are globally taking over the labour force. This brings huge opportunities and challenges. If companies are able to adjust their game and lean in on the millennial movement they will attract and attain the right talents. At the same time millennials are in a position that enables impact. We, millennials, need to realise in what era we are living and what an opportunity it is to live today. Once we realise we have this massive opportunity in hand and take lead in our career and life beautiful things will happen.

Let’s bring colour. Let’s lead.

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