Just like self awareness, passion is a key characteristic of all successful people. You might know those people that are just passionate, they have a specific energy that gives a vibe to the people around them. An interesting study of 1500 people during a period of 20 years, performed by authors Robert Kriegel and Louis Patler showed the value of finding your passion within your life.

“At the outset of the study, the group was divided into Group A, 83 percent of the sample, who were embarking on a career chosen for the prospect of making money now in order to do what they want later, and Group B, the other 17 percent of the sample, who had chosen their career path for the reverse reason, they were going to pursue their passions, what they want to do now and worry about money later. The data showed some startling revelations:

At the end of the 20 years, 101 of the 1,500 had become millionaires.

Of the millionaires, all but one-100 out of 101- were from Group B, the group that had chosen to pursue what they loved, their passions!”

Wow. This is pretty amazing stuff. The saying that you should not chase money but your passion makes sense when you see statistics like above. The study clearly shows the fruits of understanding your passions and focusing on it. Leadership and passion also go hand in hand, because passionate people tend to lead their life instead of go with the flow. Below are 4 benefits of leading with passion:

1. Passion ignites people

The moment you meet a passionate leader, you know there is a different energy. An energy that ignites energy in others and lifts others up. It drives people to push harder and make the extra mile in achieving milestones.

2. Passion drives vision

One of the challenges any company has is to communicate and live the company vision. A company’s vision always looks nice printed on a brochure or painted on the wall, but to literally have it in the DNA of the team is a different story. Passion is a great tool to project the vision. If a leader wants to see their vision and goals being accomplished, then the leader’s passion is the fuel that drives the production and results of the vision.

3. Passion raises influence

Passionate leaders have a natural influence. Like John Wesley said, “When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.” This is what happens when a leader has passion. The leader starts gaining more influence with others and people want to be a part of what’s going on. If you want to raise your influence then you need to be a passionate leader.

4. Passion provides potential

Being a passionate leader will drive you out of your comfort zone. We all know that all the magic happens outside of the comfort zone. Passion brings new opportunity and opens the door to success. This is because when you’re passionate about what you’re doing it moves you closer to your full potential. Moving you closer to your potential causes you to be moving into the next level within your career and personal journey.

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