Hi, I’m Andrew Senduk, a family man that is passionate about entrepreneurship and building people. I started my career within the finance world but decided that the dealing room was limiting my creative spirit. So eventually I turned my back to the screens and big bonuses to pursue my dream of building a multi million dollar online business and make more impact on the world.


I chose to say goodbye to a 6-figure income and a tailored suit combined with Italian shoes (I still love the dapper look though) to making a 0-figure income sitting on my couch in my pyjamas in the living room. This is something I don’t advise any starting entrepreneur to do by the way! I can tell you that a 0-figure income and a mortgage that keeps hitting your bank account every month is not the most relaxing feeling in the world.

My old office

The first day I started my corporate career, I told my girlfriend Melissa (who is now my wife and mother of our 2 beautiful children) that I will not do this until I’m 65 years old. I already knew that my corporate career would be temporary thing. So from day 1, I started saving for the day that I would cut the corporate cord and jump ship. This way I could start any venture with a buffer.

The start of Entrepreneurship

After 6 years in the corporate scene i decided it was enough and I built my first e-commerce company from the living room. E-commerce, an industry of which the only experience I had was reading articles on www.entrepreneur.com. But I read the articles with great passion and really wanted to dive in the industry. Without any proper planning I launched my first e-commerce venture which generated over 40.000 USD in the first 24 hours. I was in love with e-commerce and got the bug for launching new businesses! Since then I’ve backed and built an international fashion brand, several niche e-commerce ventures in the health space to a multi-million dollar e-commerce empire in South East Asia which currently has a workforce of over 400 people and top investors. In between I failed a dozen times and saw my savings vaporise. Let’s say the journey has been with ups and downs and I’m still learning.


My purpose is simple: To share my entrepreneurial journey and inspire generation Y (a.k.a. millennials) to find the leader within so they can start creating new leaders instead of followers. I know that we’ve all been programmed by our parents (and society) that going to university is the golden ticket to a great future. A good university is your ticket to land a good job and work for a huge corporation where you can make a good living. I know this journey well, since I’ve climbed the corporate ladder (like my parents loved seeing me do). Even though I was not a “straight A” student, I hustled hard and landed my first job at one of the biggest consulting firms in the world and bought my first house at the age of 26. I quickly became vice president at an investment bank and was selling multi million dollar derivative deals.

10 years later my goal goes further than just building my own career. I want to share my experiences and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. This is what www.andrewsenduk.com and my mission is all about. I’ve launched this website with the idea of inspiring you and providing you with tools and content that can help you reach your full leadership capacity. I truly hope that all content can be of value to your journey of finding the leader within you.

Thanks for letting me be with you on your journey to becoming a great leader. If you want to say hi please do so on Instagram @asenduk.

To your success,