ignite millennial leadership

In an ever-changing world where technology is disrupting our life, leadership is evolving into a new paradigm with millennials flooding the work force. Learn the key leadership lessons that enabled Andrew to build a 50 million USD company within 3 years and employing over 600 people. 

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About The Book

After building several multi-million dollar digital companies with millennials and for millennials, Andrew has experienced first hand that millennials are the future. Millennials, who are often referred to as “Generation Y”, are the innovators, builders, buyers, sellers and influencers, and the 21st-century requires a different type of leadership for this growing demographic. If you want to play the new game, you better play by the new rules.

In Ignite Millennial Leadership you’ll not just learn a framework for leadership but also a guideline to live your full potential. Every chapter ends with practical lessons that can be incorporated immediately. After reading Ignite Millennial Leadership: 6 Steps To Unlocking Next Generation Leaders you will:


  • Understand how to become more inspiring and increase your influence
  • Know how to grow your self-awareness and lead better
  • Understand tactics to strengthen your confidence as a leader
  • Be able to train your mindset into a growth-mindset and see your life change
  • Know the best strategies to implement excellence in your daily life

“Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce in 2025” ~ Deloitte Millennial Survey

A great book with insights into the brains of Millennials and how to bring out the best in them in the current market place.

Bastian ~ Germany

A must read for any millennial leader!

Jessica ~ Indonesia

Hands-on, inspiring and insightful book on leadership in the digital era. Highly recommended.

Victoria ~ The Netherlands

What’s inside


Step 1: Inspiration

Why inspiration is crucial?


Step 2: Growth Mindset

Understanding the power of mindset.


Step 3: Nurture

How to nurture the right mindset? 


Step 4: Influence

Growing your influence beyond your title.


Step 5: Trust

How leaders build trust?


Step 6: Excellence

Making excellence the new norm.

About the author.

ANDREW SENDUK is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and business strategist. A former investment banker turned tech entrepreneur and millennial leadership expert. He has been featured on CNBC Asia, Bloomberg, Berita Satu and other major media outlets in South East Asia. Learn more at andrewsenduk.com or follow him on social media @asenduk. 

Andrew is currently writing his second book and building a new venture which is focused on equipping the next generation of leaders on vision setting.

Andrew Senduk