Andrew Senduk is highly sought after speaker on e-commerce, entrepreneurship, the digital revolution and millennial leadership. He has both walked the corporate ladder and started ventures from the ground up as a true entrepreneur. He understands the struggles every entrepreneur goes through and has the ability to communicate in a clear way. His unique and energetic way of presenting has inspired audiences throughout South East Asia.


  • Millennial Leadership: Key lessons after growing a company from 0 to 400 employees in 2 years. How can you leverage the digital era to find, keep and nourish talents? Why millennials need a new type of leadership to reach full potential and how to build a leadership culture for generation Y?
  • Disrupt the Disruption: It’s a fact that the digital world is in constant movement. How can you stay ahead of the digital wave and prepare for change instead of react to it?
  • Lessons from the Avengers: Excelling growth through 3 mergers and acquisitions. How do businesses thrive and keep people inspired after going through significant organisational changes?
  • Digital Transformation: How can traditional businesses ride the digital wave and restructure its DNA so innovation is at the core?


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